Wellness Plans
& Pet Insurance

Wellness plans aren’t just about managing your budget! Proactive minded pet owners want the best for their pets.

It is important to remember that pet insurance and wellness plans cover two different sets of costs and provide for different kinds of services.

The best way to think about this is Planned versus Unexpected Care.

Wellness plans cover routine, proactive care, while pet-insurance often helps cover costs for unexpected illness and injury. Wellness plans give pet owners a way to bring their pets to the veterinarian more often to diagnose and prevent some of the unforeseen problems ahead of time (for example avoiding the devastation of kidney failure, heart failure and severe dental disease requiring a mouth full of extractions).

“Wellness plans keep your pet in tip top shape and help to reduce pain and discomfort.”

WELLNESS PLANS and PET INSURANCE are complementary, but it is important to remember neither replaces the other, and wellness plans and pet insurance both offer unique benefits to owners.

Even with our fantastic wellness plans, we still encourage owners to take out pet insurance to help cover their expenses, whether they are planned or unexpected.

The importance of Pet Insurance

The joy of owning a pet can be easily overshadowed when your pet gets sick or injured. And when this happens, hard financial decisions need to be made that can be distressing for everyone involved.

An uninsured pet impacts everyone involved when it comes to treating them. Pet insurance is just like health insurance and can help you be prepared for situations where your pet needs emergency treatment, because the reality is treating and caring for a pet is just as expensive as a person getting treated in a hospital. The last thing you want to be dealing with if your pet gets sick or injured is an expensive treatment plan.

Just like health insurance, you need to make sure that your policy is right for your circumstances as all policies differ. But by having a pet insurance policy that suits you, you’re making sure your furry friend can get the treatment they deserve.

Vets Choice insurance for pets

Vets Choice insurance for pets is endorsed by the AVA and backed by a 20-year partnership with Guild Insurance. Our aim is to promote responsible pet ownership and increase the number of Australian pets who are protected by insurance. Vets Choice is independent of all other pet insurance companies currently in the market, and the only insurer endorsed by the AVA.

Vets Choice understands that pets weren’t chosen for their good sense, predictability and rational thinking. They were chosen for their companionship, silliness and loving nature. They don’t want your pet to change, they just want to protect them as they are.

To learn more, visit the website vetschoice.net.au, call 1800 999 738 today.


A Pro-active Approach to Preventative Health Care

We have preventative health care plans for Baby Pets, Adults, and Seniors! One of the most significant hurdles Pet Owners face in following the suggestions of their vets is cost. We do understand this, and that’s why we invite you to ...


Elite Pets is a health care plan that offers pet owners a way to transparently manage the costs of veterinary care and minimize the risk of surprise costs!

Our Elite Pets Plan isn’t just about reducing your vet costs. These plans also assure that your pet will get all the care it needs. Plus, you will get all the necessary information to ensure the health of your pet remains at optimum levels.

Detect disease sooner! Pets receiving less preventive health care puts them at an increased risk for many severe and treatable illnesses. Preventative health care through our wellness plan provides the opportunity to identify and treat diseases much earlier rather than spending top dollar for surgeries and treatments when your pet is already unwell.

The payments for our Elite Pets Plans are spread out over time, allowing you to pay monthly to keep your pets healthy. This is more affordable and better for everyone.

This proactive approach to pet care provides wellbeing benefits for your pets, financial advantages for you, and allows us (your veterinary health care team) to practice better medicine. Call us for further information on the plans or book an online appointment. It’s a win-win!!

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Elite Pets Plans

  • Reduce the cost of pet care
  • Keep your pets happy and healthy longer
  • Improve the quality of their life


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