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Did you know that obesity is the number 1 disease affecting our pets today!

It is estimated that it affects approximately 59% of dogs and 52% cats worldwide, what makes this even more of a jaw dropping statistic is that it is entirely preventable!

The very best news about obesity is that we can fix it! We can’t always reverse the effects of obesity that may be present such as osteoarthritis, but we can slow the progression.

Obesity is also a major problem in our bunny friends too, Yes, even though bunnies devour wonderfully healthy vegetables and grains ….. too much of the good stuff can cause an excess in calories. For example, did you know carrots are full of sugar and should only be enjoyed once per week!

Why should I worry about Obesity?

The number one reason that you should be worried is because it can shorten your furry friend’s life span by 2 whole years! Imagine having your best furry friend's life shortened by something that we could prevent?

Who doesn’t want their pet to live longer? We at Bendigo Pet vets want to see your pet live for as long as possible and be as comfortable as possible – we want to help in any way we can to achieve this!

Not only does obesity shorten your pet's life but can also lead to whole range of other health concerns such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Heart Disease
  • Urinary problems – our Cat friends are most at risk
  • Increased anaesthetic risk
  • Respiratory issues- especially our short-faced friends such as pugs and bulldogs
  • Diabetes
  • Orthopedic injury's such as cruciate tears
  • Skin disease including decreased wound healing
  • Higher cost in vet bills

How can we help?

We’re glad you asked! Tackling obesity can be a complicated issue and just like for humans, not one plan suits all. Each consult is personalized for your pet and their needs, there is no looking on the back of the bag here!

We work out the specific calorie requirements your pet needs in order to get to their goal weight, along with the right diet, we can also create an exercise plan.

We have regular follow up with you and your cuddly friend to make sure everything is going well; we are all in this together!

If you are worried that your furry friend is a little on the cuddly side, give the team at Bendigo Pet Vets a call to book in a weight consultation!

Could your pet be overweight?

For further information about our weight loss program, please phone our helpful team during business hours.

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